Hue – A future place to live

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Hue was my destination to relax again after working long hours nearly every day in Da Nang. Even after my Hoi An trip, I still worked into the night. I  forced myself to take a city tour on Saturday that had me alternating between twiddling my thumbs and clicking the shutter. Nicely though, I took a photo that won a contrasting colors competition on Saturday afternoon. It’s a good lesson to me that, even when I take stuff I’m not impressed with, others might be. Hue is more of a large…read more

Hoi An – Tourists Amongst Locals

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Quite a few people say that Hoi An is their favorite place in Vietnam. I can understand why. There’s good food, cheap hotels, colorful people, easily wondered markets and pedestrian streets, and it’s on the river with easy access to open water. What’s not to love? Do be warned when getting food from the nicer restaurants, the prices can be shocking if you’re like me and eat mostly local foods. My nice meal in Hoi An could have paid for 15 of my typical meals in Vietnam. That said… I’m…read more

Da Nang – Going Local

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My travels have taken me to many cities. However, I’m getting tired of them. They’re nearly the same wherever you go around the world. After a while, you want to start being closer to the people of the land you’re in. With that desire, I headed out of Saigon to Da Nang. A central Vietnam coastal city with lots of cultural and military history to boot.

Walking Saigon

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I’ve finally made it to Ho Chi Minh City AKA Saigon in Vietnam. It’s a beautiful city with wondrous people and glorious food options. I can’t wait to bring Peichi and Drusus back to experience it for themselves. With all that I have going on, you’ll need to suffice with photos only.

Start February with a good deed

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I’ve stayed at that You Khin House guesthouse in Phnom Penh over the past couple of years. I’ve enjoyed my time there and they do work in supporting Seametrey Children’s Village. It’s a school next door that provides quality education to poor Khmer children. They have an Indiegogo campaign to help with support. Please give and share. You’re giving to a great cause and helping wonderful people. Donate now. You can also stay at You Khon House.