DrupalCon New Orleans, USA 2016

I lead a team of 12 photographers to capture this 5-day DrupalCon event in New Orleans.



  • Super impressed at all the hard work and dedication Michael Cannon put into rallying the photography team at DrupalCon New Orleans. And the images for the most part are Creative Commons so we can enjoy using them in blogs, marketing materials for a long time to come. What a valuable legacy and amazing window into DrupalCon for those not able to attend.
  • You’ve made lots of them proud of your talent. Long way to go bro
  • @comprock: keep up the great work. You are doing an awesome job!
  • Leigh Carver @here I am so amazed by all of you and SO proud of all the amazing work you have done. It has really been an honor to watch you all kick butt and take names. Thank you so much for your wonderful documentation of the Con. I think this is going to be a really fabulous resource for people in the community who want to reminisce, and people who are curious about what it looks like to attend a DrupalCon. Really, really spectacular work, all.
  • Susanne Coates I really enjoyed being part of the team! Michael was a great team lead!!

#9 Portrait Photography in Paris

#9 Shooting ‘Just Ladies’ – Street/Fashion


Drupal Taiwan 正體中文支援站 主選單 討論

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FOSSASIA 2016 – Singapore

I lead a team of 6 photographers to capture this 4-day FOSSASIA event in Singapore.


iOS@Taipei Meetup