Michael’s Shooting, okay to good!

It’s been a quiet, yet active summer as I work to take my photography to the next level. From just okay to being good consistently. You’d be amazed at how many studies, practice, and experimentation goes into it.

In fact, yesterday, I spent nearly an hour working through 20 variations of a flash with lighting modifiers to get a better understanding of the outcomes.

I started with a bare Cactus RF60 flash and worked through direct flash, built-in diffusers and bounce cards, a diffuser cap, umbrella bounce, shoot through umbrella, and Rogue FlashBender bounce and softbox. In the end, I learned how to soften my edges, and slightly less flash power than originally thought is better for more natural looking results.

Rogue lighting modifiers
Rogue lighting modifiers

Before all of that lighting modifier fun, though, there were several photo sets and that events I had shot this year so far.

Healing Hands Massage School

Mano palm pressing
Mano palm pressing – Healing Hands Massage School, Pondicherry, India


FOSSASIA 2015 - Conference attendees
FOSSASIA 2015 – Conference attendees, Singapore

Axelerant Retreat

Axelerant Retreat 2015 - Goa India
Axelerant Retreat 2015 – Goa India

Laravel Montreal

Code together - Laravel Montreal Meetup, Montreal, Quebec
Code together – Laravel Montreal Meetup, Montreal, Quebec

WordCamp Montreal

Jordan getting his accessibility presentation ready at WordCamp Montreal 2015
Jordan getting his presentation on accessibility ready for WordCamp Montreal 2015

Feng Huang Wushu

Feng Huang Wushu club, Montreal, Quebec
Feng Huang Wushu Club, Montreal, Quebec

Feel free to critique the photos here or on Flickr.

Happy shooting!