Escape to Srinagar – It’s not India

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A week, all it was a week. A flight north, a step back in time. Only a week. Why can’t it be more like this? A friendly smile, a cheerful voice. Covering up an unhappiness. Their home, land is theirs, not really. The bullets, the laws, the occupation goes against them. Yet hope exists. Be free Kashmir.

Coupeville, WA – Small Town USA

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These days, when not on round the world travels, the family can be found in Coupeville. Here’s some shots from when I was home for a couple of weeks in May.

March/April 2014, Life in Taiwan

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I got to go home, if only for a few weeks in between going around the world twice and hitting 7 countries so far this year.

Selfies India!

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There I was, in the wild forests of north India, dragging my battered Axelerant teammates through the reality of change. In went boys and girls, out came hardcore men and women, bent on taking over the world with happiness. Come join us…

Walking Phnom Penh

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Phnom Penh in Cambodia continues to be a secret love of mine. You’re stepping into a world of chaos with governments, corporations, and NGOs all vying for how the city should be structured. While my favorite part of Cambodia is getting into the countryside and spending time with locals there. For this trip though, I stayed in town as I was speaking at the FOSSASIA 2014 conference at Norton University. Despite the location limitations, street photography opportunities in Phnom Penh are some of the greatest anywhere.