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Last Hooray – Jialeshui to Syuhai

So much for making it to Taidong. Combined with no energy and a low-speed crash, I called it quits at 40 kilometers of riding today.

Status: I’m fine, my legs are beat, I couldn’t keep a 60 – 80 RPM cadence going, and I’ve got a new hole in my $ 60 Assos riding gloves.

Despite the downers, I got to enjoy one of my favorite coastal highways in Taiwan while going so slow. So things evened out. 😉

啊,真正的愛情! Ah, true love!

Based upon local recommendations I’m staying at My Family Hostel 我家民宿 in Syuhai. You can talk the boss down from 1,000 TWD to 800 TWD without too much effort. However, bring your own towel and shampoo. There’s none here.

The little shop and hostel down the street is the same price, but has no view.

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