Last Hooray - Syuhai to Taidong

Last Hooray – Syuhai to Taidong


I forgot one thing with staying in a small town, there might not be any breakfast the next morning.

I climbed 400 meters and cranked out 30 kilometers before getting brunch in Daren. Thank goodness for spending Saturday afternoon loafing around and that evening grazing.

Riding north on highway 9 along the east coast towards Taidong, once again demonstrates to me how deeply I love living in Taiwan. However, another day riding uphill five times into the wind continues to not be one of my favorite things to do.


What’s up with multiple map services saying Syuhai to central Taidong is 90 kilometers and reality being 105? I was so looking forward to being done, but I had to keep pedaling and going along.

In the world of no freaking way…

I climbed 2,500 meters and still hit a 17.7 kph moving average. Cool.


I’ve officially decided that riding a recumbent is way more work than an upright. When I’m tired from riding Pig Red, I’m ready for a hot shower, a leg massage, a big meal, a couple of drinks and going to bed as soon as possible. After a hard day on my Speedone race bike, I want the same things, but I’ll also wonder around for a few more hours and eat a second meal.


With this trip done, I’ve ridden all the way around Taiwan except for “suicide highway 9” from Suao to Hualien. Maybe when back later this year, I’ll knock that out as part of an official around Taiwan tour. 🙂

Going home…

Despite telling myself this was going to be a cycle-coding trip. I didn’t get to do any of the coding I wanted. Argh, I’m homeward bound.

As my train back to Kaohsiung is Monday 7:40 AM, I’m staying at a cute, country style long-house, love hotel across the street from Taidong Station. Surprisingly, breakfast, towels, shampoo, water and lots of very hot water are all included for 900 NT a night.

My negotiation skills were off this evening, I only earned a 10%, 100 NT discount.

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