Capturing DrupalCon Dublin 2016

I should be writing about a fantastic second trip to Ireland, drinking green beer, and bumming around with friends. Frankly, this was the last week of a seven-week business trip and I wanted to get home to Peichi, Drusus and baby boy to be. I dig get a nice introduction into Irish whiskey and Dingle ice cream.


I directed the group shot, as my widest lens fell short.

  • Paul Johnson–@comprock great work! Having the titles is so important for the context, you are right!
  • Paul Johnson–@comprock I’d love to see that. This gets RT’d 100’s of times 😉 Let’s see the options

Image Capture Metrics

  • 1,266 event images
  • 344 keepers, 27.2%
  • 1 star 178 14.1%
  • 2 star 63 5.0%
  • 3 star 101 8.0%
  • 4 star 2 0.2%

Again at Otakuthon Anime Convention (2016)

I was invited back as a staff photographer for Otakuthon 2016 in Montreal Quebec this past August 5-7. And yes, it’s across the border, in Canada, 5 hours driving away from my new home in South Portland Maine.

Still, what a great weekend of creative opportunities in capturing images of amazing people. If you want to help out with photographing future Otakuthon events, write me. I’m the photography team lead for 2017.

Also, if a few of you want to stay around Jean Talon in Montreal, give Max’s great Villeray room a try via AirBnb.

More Otakuthon Flickr albums.


  • These are perf @michael !; Elida
  • Michael already uploaded great event photos; Aki
  • MANY thanks guys for your magnificent work. The photos are stunning! Well done team:):tada::balloon::camera_with_flash:; Elida

Image Capture Metrics

  • 3,116 event images
  • 783 keepers, 25.12837%
  • 1 star 450, 14.441592%
  • 2 star 183, 5.872914%
  • 3 star 147, 4.717587%
  • 4 star 3, 0.096277%

Open Camps 2016 – My first United Nations shoot

Did you ever get the feeling that the only person limiting your potential is yourself? Last month, I took a chance asking to photograph Open Camps, an open source event at the United Nations.

Guess what? Open Camps 2016 was intense!

Ten days, 25 technology camps, keynotes, sessions, birds of a feather, groups, ad hoc, hackathons and one photographer; me*.

Open Camps went a step further in granting me the opportunity to photograph for them, they flew me to New York and provided places for me to stay in during the event. My first sponsored event ever. Wow!

Usually, I’m footing the bill for everything I do. Open source event photography is a volunteer love thing that I do. It was very kind not to have to cover everything for a change.

Anyone else wants to help out with future events? Write me.


  • Forest Mars; Wow, great photos Michael, I forgot who I was telling what a great photographer Open Camps had this year.
  • Forest Mars; Michael, you really have a photographer’s eye, these are so good, they capture the spirit of the conference, and really make the viewer feel like he is connecting with the emotions of the real people in the scenes. Thanks so much.
  • Nitya Narasimhan; @michael: was great to meet you in person — thanks so much for the images. These really captured the spirit of the community at Android Camp and we appreciate it!
  • Forest Mars; Great photos all around! Saw your tweet and have been looking at the photos, just really really smashing, thanks for the fantastic photos!
  • Brian Carr; Thanks Michael. You were on point the whole conference and take some great pictures!
  • Mani Soundararajan; @michael: awesome pics!!

Image Capture Metrics

  • 2,786 event images
  • 848 keepers, 30.4%
  • 1 star 370, 13.3%
  • 2 star 249, 8.9%
  • 3 star 228, 8.2%
  • 4 star 1, 0.04%

* There were other photographers around for specific camps, but I was capturing images on Open Camps behalf. That, in turn, means, for everyone; organizers, attendees, sponsors, stakeholders, etc. No pressure. 😉

DrupalCon New Orleans, USA 2016

I lead a team of 12 photographers to capture this 5-day DrupalCon event in New Orleans.


  • Super impressed at all the hard work and dedication Michael Cannon put into rallying the photography team at DrupalCon New Orleans. And the images for the most part are Creative Commons so we can enjoy using them in blogs, marketing materials for a long time to come. What a valuable legacy and amazing window into DrupalCon for those not able to attend.
  • You’ve made lots of them proud of your talent. Long way to go bro
  • @comprock: keep up the great work. You are doing an awesome job!
  • Leigh Carver @here I am so amazed by all of you and SO proud of all the amazing work you have done. It has really been an honor to watch you all kick butt and take names. Thank you so much for your wonderful documentation of the Con. I think this is going to be a really fabulous resource for people in the community who want to reminisce, and people who are curious about what it looks like to attend a DrupalCon. Really, really spectacular work, all.
  • Susanne Coates I really enjoyed being part of the team! Michael was a great team lead!!

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