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Don’t wait for dreams, act in the moment

I’m Michael, a boundless Virgo water-rat, Drusus & Jace’s remote dad, for @Axelerant’s success, of conscious choices and simple living by kindness through curiosity and reflection.

Live fully objectives recap for May 22, 2020

Discipline down, Environment up

Howdy do Axelerant, While I’m feeling better overall, I’m still struggling with getting a decent night’s sleep. And, that bothers me more than eating a box of chocolate ice-cream bars in a single sitting. Amongst my Harvard Business Review reading this week, I feel my that situation comes out of the willpower scenario reflected upon […]

parking garage stairwell

When uncertain, decide beyond the horizon

Good evening Axelerant, Gotta love the Escape button. NOT! I was on the final revision of this note, and poof it disappeared. So, the premise is this. I’ve decided to look further beyond this uncertain time and make decisions that I’m reasonably sure about. And, here’s the message I’ve been sharing with family and peers […]

Hill climb blocks with rope railings

Hopeful expectations

Good morning Axelerant, I’m on the train up to Taipei for a bit of shopping, eating, and hiking this lovely Mother’s Day weekend. I sure hope you and your family members thrive as our pandemic responses continue. Soon, we’ll have further freedom, yet care must continue to prevent future infections. On the bright side, many […]

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