Head’em Up and Mov’em Out

Ladies, Gentlemen and fellow citizens, this is my story of a simple, week-long trip home to Oak Harbor, Washington in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I should note, here are only some of the 350 pictures I took with my digital camera during this particular excursion.

Excuse me, mister, how much will it cost to drive my car through? Smokey Point Cedar Stump
Pass Lake Driving through Washington is a flat out incredible, breathtaking experience with all of the pleasant roads (lots of tourists), greenery (mold), and water (salt).
Ah, a sunset backdropped Deception Pass bridge. Deception Pass Bridge
My sister’s house looked very similar to this the entire time I was visiting. Hmm, it didn’t start viewing better until I decided to leave, is there a coincidence here?
GennyT visits the beach.
Here’s that town I visited; Oak Harbor. It’s located on Whidbey Island, the second-largest island in the United States, next to Manhattan.
What do you name a town back in the old days, no even farther back than that, that produced Concrete? Answer: Concrete. Welcome to Concrete on silos
Skagit River Skagit Valley along Highway 20 just outside of Concrete.
There is nothing like driving through the Ross Lake National Park and taking in the sights of tall mountains, steep dams, and snow-field fed lakes. View of Diablo Dam spillway Looking down from Diablo Dam Looking up from Diablo Dam towards Devils Peak
watch for ice sign on a high plains desert road I think someone needs to edit this road sign for the summertime. How about HOT ROADS AHEAD?
I drove more and more and more and more and more miles than I really needed to for this trip.
A recent friendship has brought a deeper appreciation of the evening sky. The evening sky helps me find peace within me.
Eastern Washington Sunset
After living in Washington for over 15 years, I finally went to Grand Coulee Dam to see the laser show. Of course, my pictures didn’t turn out as desired, since I didn’t use a long exposure time for the camera.
Hmm, maybe there is a computer older than my 486/25SL laptop.
This is a B-52 BUFF. The Iraqi’s learned to hide quickly when it flew over and started dropping many tons of high explosives on their heads.
I think this is something leftover from the Spokane Worlds Fair. If you know what it is, please email me the information.
Raindrops keep falling on my head, Raindrops keep pelting my car, I must drive, drive and drive on… …till the rain has washed me away.
Driving by the Snake River in Idaho on Highway 95.

Please remind me not to go on any more 600 miles a day road trips. My butt gets sore.

By Michael Cannon

Boundless Virgo water-rat, Drusus & Jace's nearby dad, for @Axelerant's success, of conscious choices & simple living by kindness through curiosity & reflection

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