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Portfolio 2001

The sites listed below are those that I maintain, created from concept, or worked with designers or other developers to develop and implement. You can read more about my experiences from my résumé. The pages below will open in a single separate browser window.

Alaska Seafood Marketing InstituteWhere is the best place to get information about Alaska Seafood? Why here of course! I work with developer Gary Affonso for database population and site maintenance.
Brickhouse GroupI worked with Market Art’s designer John Douthwaite’s FreeHand composites to create the layout, rollover “glows”, and styling for this informational advertising and marketing group website. This is also John’s first foray into web ready artwork. We will be revisiting the site shortly to bring things around.
Dream Factory BooksDream Factory Books is a children’s book network for potential authaors and illustrators to promote and sell their books. On this site, I created much of the templates and hard code.
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McDATA Corp.It’s all about the enterprise and McDATA is at the heart of the enterprise SAN. For a change, I’m not programming but handling system’s administration and and schedule management.
Mountain Home EODThis is really one of my first attempts at web page development and I have to say as I look back upon it really shows no concept of what really works.
Osan EODSame idea as Mountain Home EOD, but in South Korea and with flight directory information.
Osan EOD IIThis is aproject that was dropped since I left Korea before its completion. I’m starting to work on it again. Please beaware that this is three years old and is not very well coded for Netscape at this point. I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do with it… As I look at it again, good idea, bad planning, leave it alone as reminder to not do it again.
snat.netBefore: I’m working with a talent to create an interesting information portal, I’m not sure how this site will look for a final product, but the conception work is a blast. For this project I am the project, website, and business developer.After: Sometimes things just don’t progress the planning stage as the lack of a site denotes.
The Door CompanyThis project is testing the feasibility of selling custom made doors on-line. Here I worked with a database developer to establish layout, text styling, and originally framesets for this e-commerce site.
Virgo InternetI work as the Operations Manager at Virgo Internet and one of my additional tasks is to create a website that encourages customers to hire Virgo Internet as their website back-end developers.
Voyager CapitalThis is one of the sites that I maintain in conjunction with Laura Urban Perry Design. This site is especially geared at 4.0 and above browsers with it’s hand coded rollovers, DHTML animation, browser redirection for long pages, and many other features.
Washington FireWiseFireWise is a program designed to offer residents in fire zones the opportunity to clear the foilage around their homes for free. This project entailed bidding, templating, and a little script writing for the mail form.
Websites maintained by Michael back in 2001

By Michael Cannon

Boundless Virgo water-rat, Drusus & Jace's nearby dad, for @Axelerant's success, of conscious choices & simple living by kindness through curiosity & reflection

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