Getting Stuff Done

Question life’s essentials

大家好!Good evening everyone.

As I question harder the things I consider essential in my life, I’ve found April’s reflective meditation to have been helpful with priorities.

As an example, my first life objective was: I am a healthy, curious, and worry-free person. And for over six months, that’s what I needed to tell myself. However, I would frequently refer to it as self-care out of simplicity.

In the past month, I wanted more simplicity across my life, starting with my objectives. And it was mostly done by taking my objective’s descriptions and making them, the objective’s leading content, followed by further aligned desired habits.

So while I’m still doing my best of the moment to be healthy, curious, and worry-free, those aspects come through the habits I’m working towards.

I fear that I change too often for people to keep up with. Yet, I firmly believe that my fundamentals don’t change. It’s the relationships and views around them that shift and evolves as I get to know myself better.

Woot! I’m quite proud of paying off over $2,800 of debt in the past week. And, once my IRS tax refund is deposited, I can make the consolidation loan go away within a month.

On the downside, I want to buy a 2020 Yamaha Force 155cc scooter for $3,000 that’ll propel a hiking friend and me into the mountains faster. Weirdly, a two or three-year-old used motorbike isn’t much cheaper.

While I continue to feel that I have healthy relationships, I was too helpful this week during a group meeting and a 1-1. In that, I had introduced sensitive topics without having checked first with those affected. As such, I unintentionally broke trust around creating safe places for a heartfelt conversation with a few people.

Through hindsight, my ego had returned to settle things Michael’s way. Instead of in a calm and considerate manner. When we’re not conscientious, we can sure find our actions, humbling ones.

With that ego returning and learning that my expectation settings aren’t good enough, my leadership score has dropped. Yet, it’s okay because I’ve thought genuinely about making simplified intended outcomes happen: gratitude for people, clear expectations, and knowledge shared.

Though my purpose level has dropped, life seems brighter. The drop is because I’m in a hold of where I want to homestead: Taiwan, Vietnam, or a Francophile land.

I love Taiwan and have a lot of history and connections here. Yet, part of me would like new experiences from living elsewhere. And, though I’ll spend extended time in the United States this year, I know that my joke dream of living on the French Riveria is becoming feasible as my debt is paid off.

So here’s the jumble in the sky, head-scratcher; how to divvy up experiential time between Taiwan living, twice-yearly United States kid visits, a Francophile lifestyle, and Vietnam explorations.

So, may your mind be better settled than mine. 再見!


By Michael Cannon

Boundless Virgo water-rat, Drusus & Jace's nearby dad, for @Axelerant's success, of conscious choices & simple living by kindness through curiosity & reflection

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