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Hopeful expectations

Good morning Axelerant,

I’m on the train up to Taipei for a bit of shopping, eating, and hiking this lovely Mother’s Day weekend. I sure hope you and your family members thrive as our pandemic responses continue. Soon, we’ll have further freedom, yet care must continue to prevent future infections.

On the bright side, many folks and organizations are seeing that our distributed work from anywhere culture has a drastic impact on how we can strive forward though they are curtailed.

On the personal and work front, I’ve been struggling with the realization that unverifiable expectations are nothing but hopes. Heck, wishes truly. And this stance is despite feeling in the past year; we’re operating more effectively and efficiently than ever before.

Then again, we’ve never worked with as many distributed leaders. Therefore, confidence has weakened through a lack of sharing the impact and peer accountability, reliably.

Before February’s retreat, Ankur and I knew that 2020-21 must be the year of actually putting performance management into place to propel Axelerant to the next level. And, while we suspected there were a few things to tweak, the reality is much more.

As background, my Chief Success Officer role is to effectively and efficiently execute Axelerant’s opportunities plus develop our leadership. Doing so along the way has been a mixture of quick emotional choices and occasional thought out system development.

To bring about a fair performance management system at Axelerant, the distribution of emotional and thought out activities have to change. Thought out systems must be at the forefront, and subjective choices regulated as part of decision making’s collaborative discussions.

Performance management requires a hard, in-depth look into everything that happens within an organization. And, after several months of research, experimentation, and discussions; directed efforts have begun.

We’re doing so by going back to our purpose.

We genuinely believe that people are the secret to success, and by empowering them as leaders in ways that matter to them, we will create substantial value for our customers.

To empower our people, we must provide consistent guidance that they can trust. And, we’re doing that through the handbook, from it’s the structure to intentions behind our everyday operations like 1-1s.

And, I’m leading these unified efforts through tons of writing. Like 53 pages worth so far. Such as 21-pages a week ago, five-pages a few days ago, and in the past 24-hours, 27-pages.

Though my brain is overheating, I’m loving these revisions towards making Axelerant an even more fantastic place for us to be. From our current 100+ to the coming 1,000 people, we’ll empower.

So, while not all of these edits apply to you, do know that every one of them provides a demonstrable means for any expectation we have of each other because we want fairness to rule via performance management, then arbitrary factors.

Thank you for your ongoing feedback on Axelerant’s operating system. I’m proud to serve alongside you.


By Michael Cannon

Boundless Virgo water-rat, Drusus & Jace's nearby dad, for @Axelerant's success, of conscious choices & simple living by kindness through curiosity & reflection

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