Getting Stuff Done

Getting untired

I’m tired.

Not that tired of doing a particular thing. It’s the mental and physical tiredness by lack of proper sleep that I described last week.

Thankfully, I’m getting better through taking SomiLax pills each evening plus a jokingly significant number of sleep preparations steps.

  1. 9 PM auto-lock my phone
  2. Blue-light shifted the phone at sunset
  3. Changed sleep partners
  4. Closed curtains such to minimize light passage
  5. Closed doors and windows to reduce noise
  6. Drank alcohol
  7. Friendly day-end conversations
  8. Had sex
  9. Hiked 7-kilometers and climbed 300-plus meters
  10. Increased mattress softness
  11. Keep the phone at least a meter from my head
  12. Meditated
  13. Moved rattling cups off of the refrigerator
  14. Reduced blanket or comforter weightage
  15. Reduced computer and reading time before bed
  16. Slept alone
  17. Took sleep aides
  18. Turned off the bathroom fan
  19. Turned off the AC
  20. Turned the bed mattress
  21. Unplugged the TV
  22. Unplugged the Wifi
  23. Wrote down jarring thoughts

For the past two years, I recognize that when morning starts slowly or not all, and my mind distractedly wanders it’s typically as I’m not well rested. Worse, the more tired I become, the harder good sleep comes.

These days, of my daily habits, those towards sleeping well have become critical because they affect my well-being and ability to impact others positively.

While I might not be a bomb squad technician anymore where the wrong step or wire-cutting has a less-than-optimal result, poor sleep affects judgment. And, being an executive with 90-plus people on their team, a misunderstanding or poor update can be just as painful.

So fellow leaders, be proactive about taking care of yourself and your team by consciously making habits to sleep well.

By Michael Cannon

Boundless Virgo water-rat, Drusus & Jace's nearby dad, for @Axelerant's success, of conscious choices & simple living by kindness through curiosity & reflection

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