Getting Stuff Done

Perspective of growth

Every person should know what’s expected of them and how they’re doing

Each week, I attempt to openly reflect upon its happenings in hopes of figuring out how to get closer to living my ideal life. This week, I realized the importance of career roadmaps.

I take care of myself

Today marks a shift from 0/1 or no/yes for noting my life aspects to 0/10 scoring. I had complicated scoring over six months ago, yet I required something simpler answerable by asking myself, “do I feel I did this or not?” for my life was a wreck.

As my mindset solidifies, I wanted to start checking nuances and trends more carefully. Hence, 10-point scoring. Sure, 0-100 could work, yet, big numbers, more thoughts. Small amounts, less thought.

Small numbers for progress

And 7.78 is still viable, though probably not going to be used. However, 1.972 might. 😉

When I get around to preparing my meals, they’re healthy and tasty. However, I genuinely do trend to animal proteins over vegetables. Like my breakfast this morning, it’s braised masala chicken. The only plants are the onions that solidified on the bottom.

I’m finding myself getting out and walking more quickly. Even hikes up hills and such are not so bad. I’m pondering Shakadong river and mountain hiking for 10 kilometers and 1,600 meters climbing tomorrow morning. Of course, I could end up taking a shower in Baiyang waterfall caves instead.

Deciding to move forward with saying goodbye to my consolidation loan a couple of weeks ago was the right move. I feel lighter and more carefree about my financial situation.

Funnily, I’ve decided to rebuild my savings fast. So, my budget is a few hundred dollars a month tighter than before. Go figure…

I have healthy relationships

I’m quite proud of myself in that I’m bringing an action to where thought would exist before. Things like picking up trash along the trail despite knowing I’m carrying the garbage for the next umpteen kilometers. Or, giving some attention and fares to homeless people despite knowing they’re not going to use such for what I hoped they would.

Still, we have to act as we feel we must, and others will do as they will. It’s not for me to judge them, just myself, that I did what I should.

Though my 7Geese recognition count is down, I’m not worried because I know in casual and scheduled conversations, that people are hearing me when I have praise for them. And, frankly, I like the more personal aspect of giving it.

I like chatting with my kids. Heck, I’ve not hugged them in real life for over eight months. It might be closer to ten months or a year before I do again.

Tumbling time

Anyways, I’m in video calls with them several times a week. Okay, more than that. Yet, while I can give them my undistracted attention for thirty minutes, there are other things of priority to do.

And, so when my calls with kids get over the half-hour mark, my mind wanders. Half of the time, it’s okay, they know I’m there, but not fully present because I tell them that. Other times, I have to be firm with them that my uninterrupted time with them is over. And, they’re distracting me from things I have to do.

Talk about feeling like a bad father.

Yet, the next day, we’re back on a video call, and new topics arise for us to converse about. My kids seem more resilient than me. Maybe I should get back to my being in the moment and worry less.

I am an inspiring leader

Has anybody seen what happened to the old recruitment system? Anybody want it back?

We’ve been running for five years, an applicant tracking system that was for managing hundreds of applicants at a time. However, I wasn’t fully aware that we were processing thousands. And, as it wasn’t manageable, we lost a good person.

During June’s first-half, I took over recruitment operations, noting bottlenecks and other very sore points. Then for three weeks:

  • Standardized the underlying workflow
  • Enforced knockouts for every job level based on core requirements
  • Require greater culture imperatives
  • Enabled applicants to decide to continue or not by salary than us
  • Dropped hiring team interactions from three to two, and from pull to push
  • Wrote new supporting documents
4-weeks and 2,100 applicants being processed

Wow has been the least of the compliments. Of course, there was also a mistake of late-night good intentions going wrong and sending 200 rude emails. Oops.

At this point, though, our recruiting platform has a high level of automation and flow controls put into place to keep it manageable for everyone involved while speeding up getting to the kinds of people we want to hire.

That’s changing the status quo.

I’m pretty good about giving recognition to the people around me. However, I’m feeling weak for doing the same for their supporters, as in family or peer groups. And that bothers me.

We’re a product of our environment, and the people within it affect us significantly. So as I want better people around me, I feel I should attempt to influence other’s circles of influence positively.

As I write this, I’m making myself think whether that’s what I want, though. Hmm… something to floating meditate about this coming week.

I’m proud of my efforts to make my expectations more transparent, to me and others. However, as I get deeper into the career progression aspects of performance management, I know that I’ve barely scratched the surface of helping others understand more directly their expectations, mainly as their roles might involve over a dozen responsibilities.

Already as part of career management proof of concept work, we know that only four or five of those dozen responsibilities can be worked well upon at a given time. And, at current, despite the quality of my ongoing 1-1 conversations, we don’t have clarity between us for what those focus areas are.

Sure, they might be talking points, yet, a shared system, nope. And, that’s something I’ve come to realize is critically important to helping Axelerant and its people grow to their fullest abilities. A shared perspective of growth.

By Michael Cannon

Boundless Virgo water-rat, Drusus & Jace's nearby dad, for @Axelerant's success, of conscious choices & simple living by kindness through curiosity & reflection

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