Point of View

Tranquilizing burnout

Getting ahead might mean leaving something behind

Each week, I attempt to openly reflect upon its happenings in hopes of figuring out how to get closer to living my ideal life.

There was a vacation in the past two weeks plus feeling behind upon return, recuperating from burn out, and a blossoming relationship.

I take better care of myself

Mmm… the week after a vacation passed quickly. However, every day felt like I was behind in meeting my self-expectations. Yet, overall, I’m ahead for myself.

To begin with, after a few weeks of not cooking, I’ve been preparing my meals again. And, such tasty ones at that. Even to complain at times that it’s not spicy enough. Though I’ve prepared meals for others, and my rich taste desires overwhelm their tastebuds. Hey, I like chilis and salt. 😉

Well, I might have hiked some the vacation week, nada was this week. I’m disappointed in my choice not to get out, even walking in the rain. It’s just water, and I have an umbrella and could’ve changed into dry clothes before scootering home to stay warm.

I have been stretching most mornings to help myself not be so stiff. Getting old and losing flexibility is not how I want to remember my 40s.

I’ve done well with meditating twice a day, though the morning session gets dragged across multiple activities. Like napping, showering, doing laundry. Who said we have to sit and go om?

And though I was freely spending last week, the debt load is down. It’ll be more so when I pay off last’s weeks fun. I splurged for a couple of lovely places to stay and using high-speed trains to get places faster. My thrifty self was back burnered for a week.

I have healthy relationships

Feeding handmade mochi to Drusus in the United States from Taiwan

I told somebody that I like very much and want as a fuller part of my life to be honest about me with their teenage kids.

They responded, saying that they’re traditional and shared their thinking—a mixture of embarrassment and scariness.

The first is because we met on Tinder, and they had told their eldest son recently not to do the same because you can’t trust such an application. The second for how the kids might respond to me.

Taiwanese culture seems to have an ingrained fear of speaking up. This fear appears driven by sentiment to maintain the status quo and prevent conflict. Yet these aspects are something that I’ve become to despise in a 20-year relationship of mine ending in divorce.

Why? Because to earn respect and trust, vulnerability must happen at times.

We can recover from a gunshot, but a mental complexity of those closest to us, maybe never.

So I proposed something that my partner could say to their teenagers.

Kids, this is Michael. I like them a lot and want them in my life. What do you think?

While healthy fear keeps us from harm, over thought fear leads to more challenging conversations than they should be in life.

I am an inspiring leader

I feel that I’m pushing comfort zone boundaries a bit with folks. I’ve shared some atypical parts of my personal life and work goals within an organizational setting. Throughout, people have been supportive.

For the past month, I feel that I should do another gratitude video for our people. Not one to a subset, but for all. Some fear holds me back, and I don’t know what it is. Hmm… time for lights, camera, action?

Performance management progress by me has been stagnant for a couple of weeks with being off last week and catching recruitment up this week. I hope to get into things tomorrow, yes, a Saturday, to have implementation matters to share during Tuesday’s people management weekly tactical call.

And, in sharing, check out Not giving it all.

By Michael Cannon

Boundless Virgo water-rat, Drusus & Jace's nearby dad, for @Axelerant's success, of conscious choices & simple living by kindness through curiosity & reflection

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