Bright eyes for living fully

My hope…

is that Peimic.com helps my kids and peers know me better.

And I’ve…

  • Been IT >30-years
  • Cycled around Taiwan
  • Divorced @20-years
  • Driven across Canada
  • Earned 3-degrees
  • Failed slow
  • Lived in 10-countries
  • Milked thousands of cows
  • Not recently hugged my kids
  • Overcome $380K debt
  • Photographed people
  • Schooled in 8-countries
  • Stepped on landmines
  • Traveled over 1M miles

Live fully by living differently (Why)

I’m Michael Cannon, a boundless Virgo water-rat, Drusus & Jace’s remote dad, for @Axelerant‘s success, of conscious choices and simple living by kindness through curiosity and reflection.

As I tired of dreams not reached as imagined, I stopped pursuing them. Instead, I started living by small everyday actions which empowered me to be who I genuinely desire.

Through many mistakes, I’ve learned that by aligning my choices with three simple concepts, my ideal self arises.

  • Why is my purpose in life
  • What are my priorities
  • How are the values I live by

To obtain such clarity, I’ve had to honestly recognize myself. Like, I have fat and my ego causes trouble. Past those, through daily habits, I’m accomplishing more in life than I ever imagined and without regret. Even, when a choice was the toughest I’ve ever made until that time.

I take better care of myself (What #1)

  • Meditate for alignment
  • Minimize debt
  • Move for the joy of it
  • Munch tasty, nutritious foods
  • Sleep well each day

I have healthy relationships (What #2)

  • Fearless in thoughts, words, and deeds
  • Give timely, specific feedback and recognition
  • Give undistracted attention to conversations

I am an inspiring leader (What #3)

  • Challenge the status quo
  • Demonstrate gratitude for peers and supporters thereof
  • Focus on priorities
  • Have SMART expectations of myself and others
  • Share my self-development learnings

And in everything I do, I stay true to my values.

Smile (How #1)

I don’t judge that people are different, only decide to accept, change, or release myself of those differences.

Respect (How #2)

I will be calmly present, empathetic, and kind with people.

Purpose (How #3)

I consciously choose and live well, curiously, without regret.

Got something for me? Contact me.