Bright eyes for living fully

My hope…

is that Peimic.com helps my kids and peers know me better.

And I’ve…

  • Been IT >30-years
  • Cycled around Taiwan
  • Divorced @20-years
  • Driven across Canada
  • Earned 3-degrees
  • Failed slow
  • Lived in 10-countries
  • Milked cows
  • Not recently hugged my kids
  • Overcome $380,000 debt
  • Photographed people
  • Schooled in 8-countries
  • Stepped on landmines
  • Traveled over 1M miles

Live fully by living differently (Why)

I’m Michael Cannon, a boundless Virgo water-rat, Drusus & Jace’s remote dad, for @Axelerant‘s success, of conscious choices and simple living by kindness through curiosity and reflection.

As I tired of dreams not reached as imagined, I stopped pursuing them. Instead, I started living by small everyday actions which empowered me to be who I genuinely desire.

Through many mistakes, I’ve learned that by aligning my choices with three simple concepts, my ideal self arises as priorities become easier to recognize.

  • Why is my purpose in life
  • What are my principles
  • How are the values I exemplify

To obtain such clarity, I’ve had to honestly recognize myself. Like, I have fat and my ego causes trouble. Past those, through daily habits, I’m accomplishing more in life than I ever imagined and without regret. Even, when a choice was the toughest I’ve ever made until that time.

I take better care of myself (What #1)

  • Meditate for alignment
  • Minimize debt
  • Move for the joy of it
  • Munch towards a long and content life
  • Sleep well each day

I have healthy relationships (What #2)

  • Fearless in thoughts, words, and deeds
  • Give timely, specific feedback and recognition
  • Give undistracted attention to conversations

More so, I feel that general respect for others, especially when life stances and viewpoints differ, is key to getting along. In doing so, trust is built, which allows unfiltered honesty and transparency to come through in a way that positively help long-run relationships.

I am an inspiring leader (What #3)

  • Challenge the status quo
  • Demonstrate gratitude for peers and supporters thereof
  • Focus on priorities
  • Have SMART expectations of myself and others
  • Share my self-development learnings

And in everything I do, I stay true to my values.

Smile (How #1)

I don’t judge that people are different, only decide to accept, change, or release myself of those differences.

Respect (How #2)

I will be calmly present and compassionate with people.

Purpose (How #3)

I consciously choose and live well, curiously, without regret.

Got something for me? Contact me.