Kudos for Trek Bicycles Portsmouth, NH

A big, open thanks to Mike Conlon of Trek Bicycles in Portsmouth, NH during my bike stateside bike shopping efforts. Mike was so great, I felt compelled to write the shop’s General Manager.


This past Friday afternoon, I wandered into the Trek Portsmouth shop to take a quick look at road bikes. Mike was welcoming upon my arrival and took time to discuss my window shopping for bicycles that day. While running through the clearance Trek bikes, I spotted the Guru Sidero that was right sized, right priced and nicely equipped for me.

Here’s where Mike really shined; he took time to let me trial it and make minor adjustments for comfort. Not once, not twice, but three times. The second time was on the trainer to get a better look at the fit, try alternate hand positions and power stroking. The whole time Mike was calm and collect answering my questions and making suggestions.

In the end, I didn’t buy the bike, to which I’m a bit sad, but I need to try more steeds out. More importantly, for when I return to the Seacoast in a couple of years, I already know which bike shop I’ll be coming to first.

Thank you Mike!

Michael Cannon

Trek Bicycles Portsmouth, NH – Your locally owned Trek dealer. Road, Mountain and Triathlon specialist.

Check out the lovely Guru Sidero!