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Rocking Back into India with Axelerant

In January, I flew over to New Delhi and Hyderabad India for a couple of weeks to visit friends and join Axelerant as their Chief People Officer.

As Axelerant’s Chief People Officer, I’m responsible for talent, capability, culture. This means, keeping people motivated, encouraged, smiling and fulfilling their lives. It’s not an easy thing to do, but it’s an amazing challenge that’s definitely not boring or repetitive.

Thank you Axelerant for helping me change careers, expand myself as a person, and help others reach their own goals. I’m finding myself stretching to learn basics while having already mastered much of the advanced stuff over the past 25 years of tech work.  😉

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Michael Cannon

Hello, I'm Michael Cannon, Peichi's smiling man, Drusus' baba, an adventurous water-rat, Axelerant's chief operating officer, photographer, poet, road cyclist, WWOOF'er, and world traveler. My resume.