Getting Stuff Done

Fearless people care

Moving forward requires reflection and determination

Each week, I attempt to openly reflect upon its happenings in hopes of figuring out how to get closer to living my ideal life.

This week, I struggled with food choices, better understood how important knowing yourself is, and found that a five-year old program is now harmful.

I take care of myself

I’m slowly controlling the amount of junk food I consume outside of my main daily meal. I might still have a couple of chocolate bars, but probably not the popcorn and ice cream both. Just maybe one of them. 😉

Still, I’m a bit bummed to not be up to making a couple of dishes each day. I’m finding myself eating a similar vegetable and meat dish in a single pan.

I think getting a second burner and pot would help create more variety in my meals. It seems I don’t mind meal preparation in parallel, but sequential. Ugh…

Sleep, oh, what a mighty myth that can be. It seems that once I can get my head down, I can sleep, yet, I don’t recall the last time I woke early on my own without pressure.

Daily meditation continues and is very helpful with a work focus. Though, it doesn’t seem to be doing much for my personal. Maybe, I’m not directing my thoughts in that direction.

And money. Mridulla shared the phrase “money comes easy to me” for when I’m thinking about money concerns. Interestingly, I find myself calmer.

I have healthy relationships

Fearlessness might be picking up trash alongside the trail when hiking. Fearlessness could be facing the fear of being alone. Fearlessness should be strength without ego.

However, you define fearlessness; I’m grateful to have it as a daily mantra to get through tough moments when doing what is right and making difficult decisions happen.

Yet, before the fearlessness, I’m finding it’s critical to know how you want to decide. And that I’m learning comes from knowing yourself.

The more I get into in-depth conversations with people as peers and friends, I’m finding that the more self-aware we are, the more comfortable making decisions comes. And, it’s like a superpower.

I find myself surrounded by people that are struggling with human relationships and what to do for things that I barely give a thought to anymore.

I believe the difference is coming down to knowing my current purpose in life, what my priorities are, and how I want to live. From those things, little and big decisions are easier to handle.

And, when I do struggle, I recall my daily mantra of “I am fearless in thoughts, words, and deeds,” and I push through to do the right thing, even when I’m sharing that I messed up and need help recovering.

I am an inspiring leader

As I get into implementing performance management, the more I find myself going back to other work aspects to refine their guidance or replacement. And that is where I find it useful to challenge the status quo.

For example, we’ve found that several of our team members aren’t feeling physiologically safe because of seemingly undefined expectations and not enough conversations to provide clarity. And, having an artificial deadline through trial hire didn’t help.

We’ve gone back to the board for people care to determine a system of people and tools to take care of our people at day 0, 1, 100, and 1000. Such that the point of time doesn’t change what we’re going to do, but only the frequency or intensity of something.

Instead of thinking about a 30-day trial hire, we’re shifting to a first 90 or 100 days onboarding concept. And, more importantly, rethinking the aims of how we care for people are.

People Care is about providing people with the best guidance and resources we can to help them be successful at Axelerant. And, to do so every day, even before a person they join, because they’re Axelerant’s secret to success.

The fifth generation of Axelerant’s people care, shifts to big picture concepts rather than moments in time to frame what we do. We’re doing this to ensure a robust system of people and tools are always in place to help team members be best they can.

At the base of these concepts are the ideals of standards, expectations clarity, and responsible party conversations.

People Care DRAFT

The pending people care concepts are Role clarity, Productive self, Productive team, and Career growth.

I’m quite excited to be a part of the changes we make at Axelerant and supported by those around me. It’s a great feeling to know I’m working on something that matters.

By Michael Cannon

Boundless Virgo water-rat, Drusus & Jace's nearby dad, for @Axelerant's success, of conscious choices & simple living by kindness through curiosity & reflection

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